Thursday 21 November 2013

Cashless HGV Parking with SNAP Account

Cashless HGV Parking

SNAP is a national parking and washing account for HGVs. It is based on registrations, removing the need for drivers to carry cash and keep track of receipts, as well as offering operators a dynamic control over which vehicles are allowed to use certain services.
A driver simply turns up at a parking or washing site and supplies his registration, allowing the fleet operator to be billed for the services used.
Our prices for parking and washing are always the lowest price for the service provided at each site with no hidden extras included. The prices vary from site to site, but you can view them on our website, or by using our mobile app.
No site on the SNAP network is allowed to include charges for food within the parking fee. They never include any hidden extras such as meal vouchers which sometimes cause friction between drivers and management. This ensures you avoid unnecessary tax liabilities.

Unprecedented control

Once using SNAP you will have access to an online account from which you can manage the account and view fleet information.
The online account page shows a live list of your transactions allowing you to keep on top of parking and washing expenses on the fly.
You can add or remove registrations here at any time. New vehicles can be using services on your account within the day.
Registrations can be grouped by contract, depot, or any category of your choice. You view data for the fleet as a whole or by the groupings you have chosen. This data on transactions can be saved out to excel sheets to streamline your own bookkeeping.
For vehicle washing you can add restrictions and targets to individual vehicles, or do the same by depot or contract. For example, you may have washing facilities of your own at certain depots and wish to restrict certain vehicles from washing elsewhere.  You can simply change a few details online and turn off washing for those registrations.
You may also wish to prevent unnecessary expenditure on washing by limiting each vehicle to a wash once every two weeks, for example. Once you have set this online the specified vehicles will not be able to wash at any SNAP sites twice within a two week period. To maintain flexibility you can give certain members of staff the authority to override these limits if you wish.


SNAP is brought to you by ETP card processing utilising their tried and tested systems for handling transport related transactions. ETP offer a world first to parking and washing sites in the form of a single terminal for the processing of all transactions and payment types. If your drivers use HGV parking and washing services in the UK, then at some point they will have been in front of an ETP console. This network of ETP sites allows SNAP to provide a novel payment solution at around 100 sites in the UK.