Monday 30 November 2015

Ed’s Easy Diner coming soon to Cambridge MSA

Ed's Easy Diner coming soon to Cambridge MSA

Ed’s Easy Diner – The name says it all

Opening at Cambridge MSA spring 2016

At every Ed’s you can relax at a booth or table and enjoy our great food and service, or sit on a stool at the counter equipped with our traditional ‘Dime-Selector’ juke boxes and select your favourite hits from the 1950’s. And, as at all classic American diners, see your food being freshly prepared in our open kitchen.

We hope that our website gives you a ‘taste’ of what we’re about so check out the information in the link above, where you can read our latest news, learn all about our food and drink, find out where our Diners are located and join ‘Ed’s Club’.

But none of this matches a visit itself, so if you’re looking for a place to chill out, a sprinkle of stardust, great tasting food and legendary music, then come by  soon to say hi and see for yourself what everyone’s talking about.


opening date TBC.