Thursday 5 May 2016

El Mexicana Introduce Breakfasts!

El Mexicana Introduce Breakfasts!

El Mexicana Introduce Breakfasts! 

You are used to seeing the delicious Burritos, Tacos, Nachos, Salads and Chili Baskets from El Mexicana but now they are bringing you something different – Breakfasts! And they are equally as mouth-watering!

The range offers Quesadillas, Muffins which include a vegetarian option or choice of sausage or bacon served with refried beans, scrambles egg, cheese and El Mexicana’s Pepper Jam Sauce. You can add a hash brown or grab a breakfast deal which includes any Quesadilla or Muffin with a fair trade coffee or tea made by El Mexicana’s trained baristas.

There’s also a delectable sweet offering from the brand consisting of Waffles served with either Agave Syrup, known for its health benefits or their extremely tasty berry fruit compote with crème fraiche.

To finish off their full range El Mexicana has introduced Bunuelos into the mix accompanied by the naturally sweet Agave Syrup. Of course we cannot forget to mention their famous Cinnamon and Sugar Churros served with a choice Chocolate or Dulce de Leche dipping sauce.

Breakfast is already in place at Baldock, Cambridge and Peterborough Extra Services and will shortly be introduced in Cobham and Beaconsfield.

So there you have it, breakfast the El Mexicana way! 

What more could you want to start your day?!