Monday 24 March 2014

Highways Agency – Smart Motorways, M25 Update

Highways Agency - Smart Motorways, M25 Update

March 2014 update

  • Works in the central reserve have been completed with the construction of a concrete safety barrier and a new surface water drainage arrangement.
  • We are now finishing off works in the verges and surfacing the new lane 1.
  • All new gantry signs should be installed shortly.
  • Construction works are due to complete in March weather permitting.

All lane running

As part of our smart motorway initiative, the new road layout for this section of the M25 will involve “all lane running”. This means the hard shoulder is permanently converted into a traffic lane on these sections of the motorway.

Instead of the hard shoulder you will see regularly spaced emergency refuge areas, each one with an emergency telephone. We have also installed CCTV cameras to help us spot incidents and deal with them as fast as possible. Put your hazard lights on to help us.

If you can’t make it to an emergency refuge, the smart motorway technology lets us close any lane by