Friday 16 May 2014

Revolution Self Service Laundrette opens at Cambridge MSA

Revolution Self Service Laundrette opens at Cambridge MSA

The First Revolution
in the History of Cambridgeshire!

PRESS RELEASE by Photo-Me International.

Do you know that you should wash your duvet and pillows at least every 6 months to maintain a healthy indoor environment? The reality is that visiting a dry cleaner is not always convenient as they will keep your laundry for days. Have we got spare duvets to use in the meantime?

A solution has finally arrived in the form of a new and innovative outdoor self-service launderette called “Revolution”! The installation is located at Cambridge Extra Services on A14/M11 CB23 4WU. Photo-Me International has installed over 400 units in Continental Europe and has chosen the Cambridge A14/M11 Services as its location in Cambridgeshire to launch “Revolution”.

Photo-Me offers an unrivalled expertise in operation and maintenance of self-service equipment and this new easy-to-use concept is a logical addition to the wide range of services accessible 24/7. “Revolution” combines design and performance to provide users with an eco-friendly and economic washing experience.

“Revolution” is ideal for regular washing loads but also for heavy ones such as duvets, throws, curtains and pillows. This automated launderette is equipped with 8kg and 18kg washing machines, built-in hypoallergenic washing liquid pump and a vented dryer.

Not only is this machine available 24/7 but also very economic: £4 for 8kgs wash, £8 for 18kgs wash and only from £1 for a dry. This will be convenient for all customers visiting Cambridge Services and the local community who can benefit from this new outdoor and 24/7 professional washing facility.

So you can now wash and dry your laundry while visiting Cambridge Extra Services. The First Revolution in the History of Cambridgeshire!



Elegant appearance due to its sleek design and grey/silver colour.

It also attracts attention thanks to its signage across the full height

of the machine, a luminous cubic top sign and LED lighting that is

automatically switched on by a twilight sensor.


Equipped with high capacity professional washing machines (8 and

18 kg) this launderette is ideal for washing large or heavy loads such

as duvets, blankets and pillows….in a record time of 30 minutes per

washing cycle. Just the time you need to do some shopping in the

supermarket and come back to a machine load of clean laundry.


The customer only has to bring the washing, no need to think about

detergent. The highly concentrated washing liquid is free of phosphate

and colouring agents and meets the EU ECOLABEL and ECOCERT

standards. It is hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin and has a

pleasant neutral fragrance.