At all Extra Service Areas there is extensive and convenient parking for all types of vehicle, including cars, caravans, coaches and trucks.

Parking is always free for the first three hours at all locations, with site specific charges then apply.


Peterborough, Baldock,  = £28 for 3-24 hours,

Blackburn & Cullompton = £25 for 3-24 hours.

Please see full parking terms & conditions, displayed at every pay station across all locations. If you are a customer of the hotel or Regus business centre then parking is free. You will be asked for your vehicle registration at reception.



Please note, as of 28th June 2018 Parking Terms & Conditions, Tariffs, have now changed at Cobham,  28th September 2018 at Cambridge and 29th October 2018 at Beaconsfield to:

This service is brought to you by SNAP Account

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SNAP Account is the complete solution for fleet operators and owner drivers looking for transparent control over their expenditure. Initially they began by offering drivers the opportunity to pay for parking through our cashless system, but quickly branched out and now provide drivers a comprehensive package of services, all of which are paid without the need for cash. Currently there are over 55,000 drivers from over 2,000 companies from over 30 countries using SNAP to streamline their expenses and improve their business.

A driver simply turns up at a SNAP site, and supplies their registration, allowing the fleet operator to be billed for the services used. Prices for parking and washing are always the lowest, with no hidden extras, but will vary from site to site. For full listings, you can check the website or by using their partner app Intruck.

Sites in the SNAP network are not permitted to include charges for food within the parking fee. Meal vouchers that can cause friction between drivers and management are not included and tax liabilities are avoided.

SNAP is partnering with European sites for parking and washing, offering fleet operators pan-European control over vehicle wash frequency and pre-booked parking reservations. Participating sites will benefit from significant additional custom, just by being part of the SNAP network.

Fleet managers can efficiently manage their inter-depot parking arrangements with SNAP and an open their site to other SNAP drivers, meaning increased income from unused space.